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Assignment for WWF Singapore.

Located in the Colombian Caribbean, Montería is a municipality best known for its efficient and sustainable development, which seeks to adapt and mitigate the consequences of Climate Change. It is the four time winner of the City Challenge because of its model for climate action. Montería’s development plan seeks to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20% through a strategy of sustainable infrastructure, clean transport and the reduction of energy consumption.

It was not always like this; in 2007, the majority of its territories were unsafe, some of its areas were managed by street vendors, homeless people and disorganized markets, such as the food and fish markets.

Now, Montería is an example of sustainable development for the country. Some ancient houses are willing to be recognized as World Heritage Sites. Los planchones are vehicles that transport people across the Sinú River from many neighbourhoods to the center of the city. They are mobilized by current force and in some cases, they produce solar energy.

And specially the Sinu River Round or Ronda del río Sinú, is a key space for culture, entertainment and economic activities of its people, a space of beauty that mixes biodiversity with economic development. Is a bicycle path and long park framed by the biodiversity of the municipality where monkeys, iguanas and other species of the region live under the shade of ancient and tall trees that protect inhabitants from the heat.