Indigenous displacement.

Colombia tops the global list of countries with the highest number of internally displaced people. According to CODHES (Consultancy for Human Rights and Displacement) it is considered that the number of internally displaced people due to war and internal armed conflict now exceeds 5 million persons.

People in displacement condition lose their roots, their territory, their homes and their way of life because of violence; being forced to leave everything behind in search of safety and security of their own lives and their families who have to move from rural to urban areas.

This terrible problem also affects the 87 indigenous ethnic groups living in the country, being them one of the most vulnerable communities in their territories.


Medellín, Colombia

Indigenous families receive a workshop on anti-personnel mine risk education. Soon 18 indigenous families in displacement living in Medellín will voluntarily return to their territory with the accompaniment of the government of Colombia and the Mayor’s Office of Medellín.

Vía Medellín-Quibdó – Chocó, Colombia


After a few years outside its ancestral territory due to violence and armed conflict, the community of the Resguardo la Puria and its indigenous guard await families returning from the city of Medellín. In the sector of Once on the road to Chocó, the reception for friends and relatives who have returned has been prepared in a festive atmosphere. They are expected to spend 3 hours walking in the jungle, crossing rivers by hanging bridges. They will leave behind the city experiences to return to their original home. Now they will begin again a complex process of adaptation to their traditional customs, their circumstances and their culture.

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