Santa Cruz del Islote, a full island

The islet of Santa Cruz is a small piece of land that grew in size due to human intervention. Ancient fishermen from the area settled there looking to evade the mosquito plague on other islands.

Today is considered one of the most densely populated places on earth, in less than one hectare of land approximately 1000 people live in 97 houses built at sea level, the houses and their inhabitants seem to float on the waters of the Caribbean sea with an imminent risk of disappearing. The increase in sea level due to global warming could submerge the island and with it the wealth contained in this cultural microcosm.

Santa Cruz is located in the Gulf of Morrosquillo at the Caribbean Sea and belongs to the San Bernardo Archipelago, the largest continuous coral reef area of Colombia declared a national natural park in 1977.

In this islet with a population mostly of African descendent, the community lives from fishing, tourism and small-scale trade and in their festivities their african roots merge with Catholic rituals present in the territory. The Virgen del Carmen´s day, patron saint of sailors and transporters is one of the great celebrations for the community. Each year during 3 days, the community immerses in a party flattering their saint.

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